# Introduction

This library integrates apollo (opens new window) in your Vue (opens new window) components with declarative queries. Compatible with Vue 2.0+.

Vue 3 support is work-in-progress in version 4 of Vue Apollo, see the docs here (opens new window).

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# Sponsors

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# Become a sponsor

Is your company using vue-apollo or vue-cli-plugin-apollo to build awesome apps? Join the other sponsors and add your logo on this documentation! Supporting me on GitHub allows me to work less for a job and to work more on Free Open Source Software such as vue-apollo! Thank you!

# What is GraphQL?

GraphQL (opens new window) is a specification that aims at easing the communication between frontends and backends. It mainly consists of a Schema Language for the server and a Query Language for the client.

# What is Apollo?

Apollo (opens new window) is a set of tools and community effort to help you use GraphQL in your apps. It's well known for its client (opens new window) and its server (opens new window).

icon Vue-cli plugin (opens new window)

icon More vue-apollo examples (opens new window)

icon Apollo graphql server example (opens new window)

icon How to GraphQL (opens new window)

icon VueConf 2017 demo (opens new window) & slides (opens new window)

icon Devfest Summit Example (opens new window) (with lots of features like SSR, OAuth, Realtime updates, Apollo Engine...)

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