# Smart Subscription

Each subscription declared in the apollo.$subscribe option in a component results in the creation of a smart subscription object.

# Options

  • query: GraphQL document (can be a file or a gql string).
  • variables: Object or reactive function that returns an object. Each key will be mapped with a '$' in the GraphQL document, for example foo will become $foo.
  • throttle: throttle variables updates (in ms).
  • debounce: debounce variables updates (in ms).
  • result(data, key) is a hook called when a result is received
  • error(error) is a hook called when there are errors. error is an Apollo error object with either a graphQLErrors property or a networkError property.
  • skip is a boolean or a (reactive) function that returns a boolean. The function gets the current component and smart query key as arguments, so it can be used in $query and in ApolloProvider's defaultOptions.

# Properties

# Skip

You can pause or unpause with skip:

this.$apollo.subscriptions.users.skip = true

# Methods

# refresh

Stops and restarts the query:


# start

Starts the query:


# stop

Stops the query:

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